March 10th, 2018

Learn what to tell your patients to eat to prevent and treat chronic illness with diet instead of pills.

Meet distinguished nutrition clinicians, instructors, researchers as well as gifted holistic nutritionists.

Enjoy Q & A sessions, vendors in natural health and our gourmet dining commons among the Bastyr’s Campus Natural beauty.

Support Bastyr’s mission to provide cutting edge education in the field of natural health

Join us for a day of information and inspiration on how to use food to manage and prevent stress and chronic disease. Hear from four nutrition experts on how diet can improve your gut health and eliminate toxic build up in the body.

Health practitioners and scientists are now uncovering the benefits of "Nutrigenomics."  Research shows that food is information that speaks to our genes and triggers messages that create health or disease.

Whether you are a practicing physician, nurse practitioner, nutritionist, or health coach, you will walk away with a stronger understanding of the application of therapeutic diets specifically on the topic of the gut-microbiome and nutrition. 

This year’s nutrition symposium is focused on:

  • Details of chronic activated EBV and diet options for this disease. 
  • IBS, functional gut disorders and food as medicine for these conditions - including SIBO. 
  • What to eat for stress, anxiety and neurological health.
  • Adrenal health: Foods that help balance the bliss and stress response

Aprox 7 CEUS are available to professionals


Anyone is welcome to attend, however, the information presented at this year's "Food is Medicine" Symposium is targeted towards health professionals.